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An informative, talk on "how to crack GATE & ESE" was organised by CSS BITS Pilani recenty, where Mridul Rakesh Mishra (GATE'17 RANK 1)& Puneet Khanna (GATE'17 RANK 2)came and guided us on how to prepare smartly for GATE & ESE, briefing us about the future through GATE and ESE.

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Himanshu Agrawal, a BITS Pilani Aluminus and holder of AlR 4 in one of the most prestigious exam of the country, Indian Engineering Services (IES), shared his experiences of undertaking his beautiful journey with BITSians. From clearing doubts of aspirants to inspiring them to serve the country, Himanshu motivated everyone in couple of hour. His handy tips and suggestions, not only about IES exam but also about life would have surely benefited everyone. CSS will keep on conducting such inspiring talks in future too.

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You will be given a city, which is city of AGARTALA in this case. The aim is to design an amazingly planned Metro Rail Network for the ease of traffic movement in the city (According to the Agartala municipality corporation, the city will be heavily congested in 2041) .There are different parameters to design it. Many social, geographical, infrastructural, etc., conditions are there which are to be considered for the designing part like the population density of each area of the city, traffic density and so on.

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The challenge is to design and construct a model tower using only A4 size sheets and fevistik and some other materials. Your team will be given limited supplies and a time limit. The tower must be as tall as you can make it, but also stable enough to stand up . Your task mirrors the challenges that engineers are given in the real world—with objectives, requirements and constraints such as budgets, material limitations and deadlines. An engineering team that can design a structure to meet the objectives with the fewest materials (hence, less cost), is favoured over other companies that cannot utilize the given materials as effectively.

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A jack is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift heavy loads or to apply great forces. A hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power. This is based on Pascal’s Principle. According to Pascal’s principle, in a hydraulic system a pressure exerted on a piston produces an equal increase in pressure on another piston in the system. If the second piston has an area 10 times that of the first, the force on the second piston is 10 times greater, though the pressure is the same as that on the first piston

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students were taken to jaipur to visit some construction site under JDA (Jaipur Development Authority ) which includes 4 major sites of sewage treatment and recycling plant , building construction site , highway construction site and bridge construction site. students were guided by the site engineers and workers working there on the projects .

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In the event BRIDGE-IT students were given a challenge to construct a bridge of some minimum specified dimensions using Popsicle sticks, wood adhesive and thread.

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BITS PLANNER was on the idea of planning the best model for our college. In In this event students were asked to plan out a model where they have to relocate all the infrastructure of our existing campus in such a way that in the same total area it is best utilised. The best model is expected to be the one which allows access to different academic buildings, library, mess, recreational centre and sports area to students of all the hostels in more or less with the same ease. Students were asked to use the software AUTOCAD for designing.

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In event participants constructed bridge in an online flash game. They were allotted virtual money in each level to buy steel and wood in cost effective way for bridge construction. The one who completed maximum number of levels was declared winner.


QUESTRUCT was quizzing event where students were asked questions from different fields of civil engineering. In this event students were tested on the basis of their basic knowledge about the subject, awareness to recent advancements in research topics, interest towards famous facts and figures of the field. Students were not allowed to refer to any source for help and were expected to come up with answers on spot

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A two day workshop on Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools using Autodesk Revit was conducted by CSS on 14th-15th February, 2015. Initially, CADD concepts Kanpur was going to conduct it but had to be cancelled to avoid the swine flu risk.Anvit Kumar Mittal, a BITSian, an Autodesk Certified Professional and Winner of Autodesk 3D Student Design Challenge taught the BIM concepts to around 75 participants.They made a 10 storey building having critical aspects like columns, foundations etc. By seeing the enthusiasm shown by students, CSS looks forward to organizing more such workshops


Exquizit was an online quizzing event based on basic knowledge of civil engineering and buildings, event consisted of three rounds easy, medium and hard respectively, the main motive of organising the event to make students aware through their curiosity.